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Wear Me Out

14 Nov

I didn’t have anyone around to take outfit photos of me this weekend, so had to revert to a couple of bricks in the garden and the timer on my trusty old Olympus shock-proof camera! I usually try to take all of my photos for this blog on my iPhone, and edit them using the PictureShow app that I so love – it’s part of my seeing just how much the little gadget can do, but alas, my arms are just not sufficiently long enough for such things.

Junk skirt and Fahrenheit top from my absolute favourite shop here in Albury – Spice Clothing - flats from Nine West – specs by Prada - flower brooch and ribbon and bead necklace so long in my collection, I have no idea from whence they came!

Wear Me Out

30 Oct

This dress, belt, and bolero have been in at least the last six wardrobes I’ve had, which is to say, they’ve been with me for a while now! The dress is one of my favourites, with a beautiful sweetheart neckline, but it just hasn’t seen the light of day that often. I’m not sure why – I may be remedying that this spring and summer. The bolero even made it into my “donation” pile a few months ago, but thank goodness I was lazy and never got around to taking those clothes to the op-shop – it was fished out once more when all the bright colours starting popping out into shop windows again.

Dress with belt from the same little shop in Adelaide that this dress came from (dress brand, incidentally, is also Lili) – bolero by Sunny Girl - flats from Nine West – ring from Bangkok – beaded bangles from a little boutique shop in Albury.

Get your glitter on

11 Oct


There has been a bit of talk lately about people getting about with glittery nails. Anna, Emily, and Tracy, I’m looking at you!

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the idea, and so I took the opportunity this weekend to go out and get myself a bag of sparkly silver glitter. I decided I didn’t want a full hand of glitter nails, so I’ve taken a leaf from Emily’s book and have chosen to glitter up only my ring finger on each hand – the remaining nails are glossed up with a few coats of Sally Hansen’s Double Duty. I just love the look!

Have you joined the glitter party?


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