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I can fly!

30 Oct

This last weekend I’ve been back in my adopted home town of Perth and have been loving every minute of it – catching up with amazing friends, attending an amazingly fun country wedding down south in Boyup Brook in which the bride and groom wore boots and Akubra’s and for which a rodeo was the reception, and enjoying the ever-amazing weather. Yep, I love Perth.

Brilliant company and weddings and all of those other good things aside, 120 of the most amazing minutes of my trip were spent taking a lesson in the art of the flying trapeze. That’s right, I learned how to fly on a trapeze! It was challenging, it pushed me out of my comfort zone, and it gave me an adrenalin rush that had me shaking every time I was back on the ground. It was amazing, I loved it, and you should definitely go do it!

Hello little hibou

19 Oct

Later this month I am hosting my first ever Halloween party! I’ve always been sad that here in Australia, we’ve never really jumped on the Halloween bandwagon, and I’ve never been to, let alone hosted, a Halloween party.

In preparation, I thought I would craft myself out some cute little owls for decoration; So, on Sunday I cut out a template and pulled together some scraps of paper from my birthday invites earlier this year, and I made my little prototype owl.

The template was courtesy of a link I found in a New Idea I was reading whilst I was waiting for an appointment recently. The gorgeous papers I bought from Spotlight.

To be honest, I found the hibou (French for owl, dontcha know?) a tad fiddlier than I had expected, and after finishing this little one, I decided that I wouldn’t make any more for the party. But… a few days later, I can’t resist the cuteness!

Maybe a few more, in more traditional Halloween colours, wouldn’t be so bad…

Get your glitter on

11 Oct


There has been a bit of talk lately about people getting about with glittery nails. Anna, Emily, and Tracy, I’m looking at you!

I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the idea, and so I took the opportunity this weekend to go out and get myself a bag of sparkly silver glitter. I decided I didn’t want a full hand of glitter nails, so I’ve taken a leaf from Emily’s book and have chosen to glitter up only my ring finger on each hand – the remaining nails are glossed up with a few coats of Sally Hansen’s Double Duty. I just love the look!

Have you joined the glitter party?


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